Opticwash is a Florida-based kiosk technology company, that has developed the world’s first fully-automated self-serve kiosk that cleans and removes 99% of bacteria on eyewear, jewelry, watches, and smart phones. State-of-the-art sensor technology effectively detects, completely cleans and dries the item in less than two minutes.


Opticwash is extremely easy-to-use and can literally be placed anywhere – malls, offices, hotels, airports etc. Opticwash is an efficient AND entertaining solution to cleaning a smart phone, which the average consumer touches 2,617 times each day and are 18 times as dirty as a public restroom toilet handle.

12" Monitor Dedicated to Marketing

Opticwash Kills 99% of All Bacteria

Uses Only 2 lbs. of Water Pressure

Guaranteed Not to Harm Your Items


Opticwash Uses No Chemicals or Heat

Opticwash Cleans Areas You Cannot

Keeps Your Customers Coming Back


3330 NW 95th Avenue Road
Ocala, FL 34482